I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Like United Cerebral Palsy says "Choose words with dignity" 

I am a Partner in the 2014 class of NYS Partners in Policymaking course so that in the future I will have an opportunity to influence Policy and laws. Even more of the government officials. I have learn about this new topic call People's first language which is made to put the person first before their disability. Has a person with a physical challenge I face many moments until this day where people put my disability first before myself. Since I became more of an self advocate people begin to judge me because the feel like I should not have a voice of my own only my parent's they do have the rights to have an opinion but the don't determine what makes me happy even though my parents knows me the best. I have been called " wheelchair bound" and I have been told I can not do anything for myself because of that reason. I feel has though my caregivers don't respect that I don't like such phase "wheelchair bound" to be use when talking with me or about me. Whenever someone uses this phrase I ask them if they understand the actual meaning of what wheelchair bound is? I tell them that I don’t live in a wheelchair, I don’t sleep in a wheelchair, I can still do things it’s just that my legs don’t work properly. When I am at the Dr’s office and my paperwork says wheelchair bound I ask them to please change it. Most people respond well and change it to ‘uses a wheelchair’ when I ask. I feel like such phrase is being used against me. Such phrase really hurts me. Sometimes I really think that should be considered bullying. Speak to us with courage not hopelessness we don't like to be pity for. 

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