I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

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The Idea of  what's on your mind??

I decided to write a blog called what's on your mind for many reasons  for example when you about to post a status on FaceBook it asks you whats on your mind? Put you often don't want to share what's on your mind because people are very judgmental especially towards people with disabilities. Here is something that been on my mind for a while and been wanting to share but have not find the confidence to share such story about my life that I once felt was a secret  but now I feel like I am not the only one who been having similar thoughts..As I grow out my teens and become more of a young  adult these things come to mind as I already what to be some kind of "normal" Here is what I wanted to share sometimes I wonder if I tell my friends or family member that I am in a relationship what would they think or do.. What if I tell them that in the future I want to adopt a child and watch them grow up and raise them right. As a child I always told my mom and dad to adopt a child I don't know why but today I realize that children struggle growing up so young and have so many stories I want to raise a leader just like me despite my own life story and disability. Don't get me wrong I am capable I know it but I always wonder what will people think of me when these chapters of my life start to appear.. What if the person I am talking to is in the same situation just like me? Would they be happy? Would they want them to Walk, talk and do the things I can't do.. All these things come to my mind a lot but never felt that it safe to share until I thought of Trina Fight for our rights often I feel that I am lowering my confidence and I am not allowing myself to blossom.    

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