I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

We have rights too.

When I go out to stores some are not wheelchair accessible...side walks are not level...how must we as people with special needs get around...Bus drivers refuse to let us on the bus because we are told we have to pay... This is not true...Where is our rights in MTA and taxi not taking people with special needs..We are like nobody they think because we have a disability we don't know our rights and we not smart enough!!! This is why I am a Advocate at 18 years old with an 88.25 anverage

I know the feelings

I feel that we should enjoy life.....WE should live a normal life.....WE should have friends who care...Have fun..Get an education if you can but i feel for the ones who can't speak or hear..That's why i thank god i'm 90%

The things I think about when it comes to my future

When I see how the treat people like me...it makes me have a broken heart..They are left without parents because they don't know how to handle their kids because some of them don't know how to speak, hear or see or walk or do anything for them selves love and care for them have patience that's all i ask...I feel their pain....It makes me think do I want to ever move away from home..Their is no one like my mom who been fighting for my rights since I was 5 years old and my dad who protect me....Here I am fighting for my self at 18 years old....A poem to all my friends and family stay strong


Be Thankful

I am thankful for life..I am thankful for my mom and dad..I am thankful for my brother and c.m brother also my sister..I am thankful that I am free from a bad back for almost two years and forever I hope....I am thankful for my doctors, my love ones and the females in my life that act as a mother to me even though I have my real mom they are always on my back because they care about my needs and understanding...They want better in me that's all..For God...I'm always thankful to say I am a advocate for special needs....I am always Thankful!


know before you hurt

Read about it.

Ask for information on what on what will you face in the case of someone with cerebral palsy.

Stop judging and hurting our feeling because you don't understand what cerebral palsy is?

 Do some research???

Don't look at me like I have no clue... I know the history of cerebral palsy...no how to say the words and everything.

Stop Stop take my survey let me see how much you know! 

Don't feel way.

Wear my shoe

If you was ever living in my shoes. Would you believe people disrespect you .. Put you down

Break all dreams...everything we had it thought...Family is never really around.

Would you ever feel tried of caring for people with special needs.

The outside would is no joke...Its only a few people are open minded...Why is the world I dream of isn't the one I live!!! 


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