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K.E 1st fights EOS disorder..

I always say Can you imagine a life unable to walk? Making life look so hard..but having a physical challenge is nothing compared to what my  Starlight Friend K. E fight s everyday called an EOS disorder..Can you imagine a life without food. K.E lives everyday without food..He is allergic to all foods and can only depends on his safe foods and his food pump that beeps. K.E childhood life been impacted. K.E never had birthday cake and he is 10 years old.People look at him very strange when he gets upset in the middle of the street because he ask for food he can not have. He depends on his mom for daily living and has to Carrier his food and formula everywhere. E.O.S is a white blood cell that acts as parasites to your immune system to help fight off infections.  They call K.E super K.E because he does not allow anything to slow him down. He is an advocate for APFED and a volunteer. Every year K.E and his mom creates a fundraiser for his rare disease E.O.S in order to find a cure and make a better research because some days K.E is in serious pain and is asleep for very long because of EOS This rare disease needs a cure. HOPE for a cure.



K.E 2nd Challenges Autism

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