I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

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The Desire I vision to work with children

The plan to volunteer with children because I have a goal to become a teacher assistant when I graduate from college either I will do an internship or volunteer and hope to one day become employed. I never thought a moment in my life I would have the desire to work with children but I love kids I admire watching them grow and become someone. I spent 18 years in the special education system where we had to fight for everything it was never just given to us because my mother was a strong advocate for me always pushed me to do well is the reason why I graduated high school. Honestly the system is set for you to fail so it gives children no motivation to do well. My experience and knowledge of resources will benefit children. I enjoy seeing a smile of little kids face  I will help them do the things they enjoy the best I can weather its to read to them or to do activities with them I hope to be granted this opportunity in many ways United Cerebral Palsy, the hospitals, library to volunteer for example in story time or volunteer with New York Cares. I am so excited to begin this new journey.. 

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