I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

The Story since I was told..

Here is where the story of 18 years begin with different responds..In 1994, my mom was told by a doctor where I was "born" I needed to receive early intervention because I have a disability...While I begin early intervention I was tested out and finally my parents was told the disability I have " Cerebral Palsy"(CP). My parents had no idea on what Cerebral Palsy was with that lost look and confused voice. When my mother doctor that help delivery me was in disbelieve when he found out I was in a wheelchair and can't walk.. He said "no no" I delivered a healthy baby girl!! So I am confused on my facts..So what does that tell you, me and my family...Still confused.. I am standing for what I believe in..was never a hidden secret and never will be..Sorry!..My parents still moved forward learn daily after visiting doctors, social worker and many other agencies to support me and my family> I am happy to say my parents\family moved forward while they made big steps and I strive to succeed.  

Born into such a dream

Did you know the stories I tell on my blog is real? 80% is not all about my self. I talk for all with special needs. All colors but one people knows all rights and wrongs needs some equal rights changes. Our civil rights is not over until this day come right for us.

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