I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

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TRINA Fight For OUR Rights is expanding carrying a title #voiceonwheels

I thought of the newest name Voice on wheels. Since becoming Ms Wheelchair NY 2018 my journey is expanding in so many ways. I am truly voice on wheels. I plan on starting a youth empowered group for youth with and without disabilities to carry a mission in regards to something they are passionate about. In the beginning of this journey in October 2011. I was focused on sharing my story of finding my voice, sharing my story and the importance of self advocacy in the disability community. 

 Now that I am currently Ms Wheelchair NY 2018 I am learning the true importance of advocacy. My platform as Ms Wheelchair NY is to bring self advocacy into schools and building an inclusive environment within schools. This platform is truly growing bigger than I ever expected. I am bringing my work of celebrating disability awareness within schools is expected to expand into the community too. 

  Too educate. Build awareness.. Create missions.. Create an inclusive community and educate system.. Promoting equality for all. Stay tuned on my journey. My dreams and aspirations continue to expanded 



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