I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

I am disability proud but there are days called "Disability Frustrated" 

Many of you know me I am always speak inspiring about my disability and others but today and some days I am just so disability frustrated. I am frustrated of people being so impatient just because I can't do things fast enough people automatically once to do it for you in my case I see people get mad because when I try to reach or pick up an item sometimes it can be difficult for me to carry and it ends up falling my mom sometimes gets mad and say why you don't just ask for help and I say mom can you just give me credit that I am trying to do things for myself. I am so disability frustrated because I don't like to ask people for help I can sense people reactions really fast that's when I get the sense of either you care if not I quietly keep my distance. My most disability frustrated is when people stare at me in a feeling of pity or in pain for me. Do I look like I am hurting?    

My most disability frustrating moments are 1.when people refuse to give up the wheelchair seating on the bus.

2. When places don't have slide or automatic doors not everyone is disability friendly so if you are alone you have to know who you can trust to ask for assistance kindly. That's why I always have someone with me for that reason.

I can go on and and on with this topic but I will add more in the upcoming days and weeks. 


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