I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

If you only knew the feelings

When I say I struggle to live a life with cerebral palsy. They are like we all struggle but not with all we go though emotional and physically. 

The pain we face in hospitals because of surgery's.

They save us to try and live a normal life.

 Why when you become teenagers it feels harder??

When you become a teenager your mind would be thinking

When it comes to going out with friends etc.. and what not you will feel different because you don't know how people would look at you.

Just love us more 

Why do I have to know this its not true

Why would people have the heart to tell some people such a thing especially to me. I am sad. I want to use a walker soon..no matter how. My supporters I feel are giving up on me because they feel i been living in a wheelchair for my whole life and it can never change. They want me to set my mind in a way of being "never' and just accept it. No because I know one of my doctors would find a way to tell me i am going to walk soon. One day I want to have a life to talk about with happiness. People believe in me and say you can do anything so why is it so hard to believe in my self sometimes. I make it through many things because I put my mind to it. What am I going though?<\3

Expression from my journal entry

When I look back at the past and now the future.. I don't need to complain all I need to do is get my point where it needs to be..When I have nothing to do my mind goes into different parts. .I say everyday I wake up someone have take me out of bed and dress me.. No one in my life has push me to make it this far I did it all because I wanted to make a different and better...It was in my heart to do.. Some days I look left and right and don't know where to go but I remember I have to be some where and someone. When tears fall I am asked why?? I just look...I realize all the things that happen in my life is because I wanted better for myself.  

Left in the "Odds"

I never wanted to be left in the odds and wanted to be in the evens. I'm normal but everything is easy with my disable parts in my body. The dreams I have many of them I could start on my own but after a while I feel "discourage" because a reflection of my family and what they have said about me.. I am proud that I prove them wrong and I will more and more. No one help me with my education throughout high school years and this new goal is to get a degree is amazing because I look back in time.. No one is taking time to know what I am planning every time I ask.. It doesn't amaze me anymore... 

My Life put on" Pause" moment

I always remember the days I was moving forward and my journey when I reached age 14 I and my life change I still wonder what I was going how and what I was going through I could only remember I was trying to decide if I wanted to attend high school and then a new condition came out that no one not even me to a point. My thoughts began to set in with Cerebral Palsy about why I have to live life like I do.. I vision my life walking without a condition and now I am missing out

Can You Prove to me?

I was told I was born like this. Its a doctor mistake I was told from the time I was able to talk. I still didn't see it in ink from my baby file. Someone hiding something I believe because you don't just tell a parent " you can sue me if you want". That's the clue of total guality  but that's okay I will no longer ask to meet you. I am my own unique, happy person and I accepted my self !!

My Emotions moments.. How I handle?

When I get upset I do not speak..I have a heart to heart talk with my self..Speak out loud while writing in my book..Hear and listen to what's on my mind?? I can't handle disappointments..I have no voice when I am upset.. I remember other days I have.. So I release my situations in many different ways.. In ink...music and my book.. Sometimes a water fall makes me seem like a baby at 18.. I always move forward.

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