I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

1 college acceptance letter

On April 12. 2013 I received my first college acceptance letter to new york city college of technology.. This is not my dream college but to receive a letter via e-mail to say I got accepted changed many thoughts after continued hearing about me being send to a day program after high school because of my lack of abilities I have due to my physical challenge.. Many days and night in that same week my mind would just begin to wonder and my heart just wanted me to break down in tears.. I begin asking myself why should this one situation that is a medical issue but an major impacted on a persons future to move forward..I never vision this day happening.. I am proud of myself. It may not be my dream college but its just away of opening doors..

More response.. I thought college would refuse me

May you allow me to " Yell"..

May you allow me to " Scream"

I got my 2nd acceptance letter from 1st dream college " Kings-borough Community College"

They serve a lot of people with disabilities and continue their education successful..

I can handle this life..It will be a challenge but as long as my service is provided to me.. A  home attend 8 hours or a nurse..

That's all I need to live a happy life.. in college and out.

I can do anything i put my mind too. Pushing me away is a no now.

College is my future bound.. Got accepted to kingsborough

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