I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Was Kept A secret until the day 

On October 19 2009 I had a special surgery mission done on my spine. Before this day I said I don't want anymore surgery I didn't want to deal with the pain, cast or rehab, I would have had to deal with the pain naturally with a 90*degree curved spine. So I decide to do my research I saw like 5 doctors or more during the time i found out i had scoliosis I was afraid to show people my spine and tell them what was wrong and sad about the side affects that could of happen  to me while having a curved spine if i didn't do the surgery or after surgery. I wrote down questions in my book, had all my research in a folder while I was going to the"OR" I was brave my doctor Dr Green told me all the answers to my questions and told my parents the surgery will take 5 hours the time came I was not out my dad began to get nervous and hour by hour asking the people at the desk did they call my name 4 hours later I was in the recovery room talking and everything...Dr Green  came to my mom and dad saying your daughter is Strong it was hard work but i hope she will never go though this again..1 week of pain meds,3 weeks of rehab back home then school siting up straight hoping to use a walker....Thanks Dr Green To those you have scoliosis please take care of it while you young

The mission

Well I am finally out of my mission

It was successful...The best job done in the world....was in the OR for 8 but I guess it was needed..Sitting up straight..Hips are in line I am tall..I  am excited that all my promise came true...

Hospital for Special Surgery you are 100% the best and thank you dr green and your team with out I don't what would be done how would i look...


Have I Accept my condition?

All the years of my life I been living with cerebral palsy. I thought I accepted it when I was younger and forever. Now I am getting older I feel something different. Is it just in my heart that CP can somewhat be reverse. I am truly taking whatever is possible. Acceptance is the key but still I believe anything is possible

Standing strong

My children including me with special needs.

90% of us who have cerebral palsy is by a doctor mistake.

Our parents may walk into a door of depression.

They will not know how to care and handle us.

Some can leave us in hospital care or be put in a home.... never see their parents again.

Can be abuse physically and mentally???

Treated like no one!!

Can be full of frustration...unable to work because we are a handful .

If they don't smile for us its hard to smile and created a bound back with their child.

We already in pain and sad we living with a condition.

 We need people to make us happy.

Things like this brings me down and is some reflection.

Anything is Possible I believe..

On July 19th 2012, I was at Hospital For Special Surgery to see my doctor Dr Green that perform my special surgery mission on Oct. 19. 2009. It makes two years and 9 months since my eyes and heart was opened up to this amazing dream to learn how to use a walker to even make a few steps. While in the month of June I felt the joy of my dream more.. I sit down one day and e-mailed Dr Green saying I have a few questions and would like to know your honest opinion about.. Would I ever be able to use a walker? and would a tended release help me stand more straight?.. Anything that you can make possible will make me happy and I would take it because you did an amazing job on my second surgery mission. I and my family are so delighted with the successful look of me today ever since Oct 19th 2009 and what do I say HSS is where anything is possible and you can believe in doctors there. After siting down with Dr Green he responded to all my questions  he said no one will not be able to walk perfectly after the age 10 if they never did but sure that tended release will help you stand straighter.. Yes I knew their was something that can change instead of living everyday and saying well I got Cerebral Palsy and can't walk and nothing will never change so why bother ask questions.. Nope I got dreams!!

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