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Planning to start a group at my College

Great news I plan on starting a group at my college for indivduals\students with disabilities at my college Kingsborough Community College is the college I currently attend. On the first day I started classes there in Fall 2013 I walked through the door filled with some encouragements and some doubts but I had it in my mind to place my best efforted forward where I finished up my first semester with an 3.O GPA National honor society..I noticed an increase amount of students with all different types of disabilities who attend my college I did not feel alone I want to the Accessibility program at the college before I started taking classes and I explain to them I have some physical challenges that need to be met through the day and I will have my personal attendant with me they said it was ok the ordered whatever special devices I needed and that same day Access VR contacted me and said the needed to set up an appointment..The doors open from then open for me..I spoke up for myself and got what I wanted..I earn my voice from the day on...when people had no plan for my future I took control. I want the name of my Group to be called Voice is Power. 

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