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The Difference between special education and college


August 18. 2017 

Many don't realize their is a knowledge cap between special education and college. When I first started college I didn't know what to expect. To make it even more shocking to many I never received transition services or plan from high school to prepare me for the real world or better yet college life. So hopeless I had no idea what the world had to offer. The school based support team had only plan on placing me in a day program. For 18 years I spent in the school system I was in between special education classes with no more than 12-15 students and mainstream classes. The work was sometime modified for us. We were able to work at a slowly paste. The teachers was able to work with us more one on one or provide us with more attention. I was pulled out for services weekly.In college it's different we are not separated from other students and the work is not modified. In college we most self identify if you are a student with a disability. The accessibility office will not come to you.. you have to go to them..On the first day of classes my accessible classroom desk is there in public school never seen an accessible desk we ask for a table that was good height for the wheelchair.. College is a different story no fight for accommodations. I have a note taker, a reader, scribe for exams, text in alternate form.. text in large form if needed and the most amazing accommodation I have is classes in closer proximity  and extra time on in class writing assignment. Professors that I have work with have been understanding I remember rolling into the classroom with all these students asking myself can I keep up. Although I have a note taker I take my own notes and 95% of my notes up to speed.. i am amazed for a person who has limited mobility in my hands.. I am amazed by my own work in college. I myself had no interested in going to college at beginning.. I doubted myself that I will do while because I knew it took me long to do things compared to others so learning while take longer too. Guessing. Since I started college I been doing excellent work grades are no less than A's and B's on 95% of my transcript even when things get rough because I don't have a typical college life many stay up pass midnight working on papers, homework and studying not me all work has to be completed by 10 no later then 11 because my caregivers have to get me ready for bed etc and so often my frustration leads to emotions I cry but I often look back at my accomplishments and my grades and that my biggest motorviation to continue moving forward..

To students with disabilities to don't doubt yourself..take a chance. Never settle for less.. Say yes to college its possible.  

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