I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

My Friend to a position at my office

Claim the princess status sometimes.. The Boss status.. I don't keep up.. I do claim to be the owner of Trina Fight For Our Rights... CEO I do claim because I run office with the assistant director Mel...I send the ideas..questions she gives.. the yes or no!!!... My Life dream raising High Sky.. When I first bought Trina Fight For Our Rights into social networking ( FaceBook, Twitter and many more Melana was the first one to like my page and then I realize she knew my cousin I wrote her and said " Thank you for supporting me and she begin introducing her self.. that's how our relationship started. We have been in contact since this day. When I was going though some serious negative thoughts from people with my website and wanted to shut it down Melana was the person I went too and said can I talk to you.. Sure.. She said you are so young and brave I never imagine someone like you to do what you are doing once you believe in your story don't worry about anything else I didn't want to break my own heart but I been away from my page for a while but I am encourage to start again. Thank you Mel !


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