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Started a self advocacy group

On the day I made it a goal with my community hab program to work on starting a self advocacy group I knew it was something I will make  happen but not so soon. It has also been my plan to be able to set in an office like a President and become a president of an organization for people with disabilities. So on the day I made that next step at the library to set up the advocacy meeting it was something the told I am going to be the founder of the Brooklyn self advocacy group..Its reality set..I was given myself second thoughts thinking that no one will  show up but I knew my network team was big and they would should the word for me. I had a full house of people between staff and indivduals who are self advocates who had so many ideas and concerns to share my brain was on over load until I was able  to get myself together and unload the ideas and concerns into my ipad and notes..

We have a lot accomplish. I hope to start a blog for the self advocacy group so we can publish the work we do.

I plan on creating a group name and build on having a mission statement 

 Our next meeting is in a few weeks..So I will keep updates coming..

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