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SCOLIOSIS Awareness Month

Back in 2009 on a Mothers day weekend, My parents had a mothers day dinner and invited one of my aunties and family and while my brother came I was at my computer desk and he told me to sit up straight and begin to position myself and to him i still was not in my correct position to he came to assist me and it still didn't him so he look at my back as I was siting and said mom do you know my sister has an hole in her back..everyone begin to worry and my aunt took a look at my spine and told my mom to take me to the hospital the next day..my heart came full and I had no words.. That Monday morning we was off to the doctor where she confirm I had scoliosis the journey of another condition begin their when I took my first x-ray the chief doctor came in and said to me do you need to be home from school on bed rest?Are you having pain I said no doctor I am fine he looked at me and smiled says if I was sure because my degrees on scoliosis was serve, weeks later we return for another x-ray and was told it had increase and needed surgery.  I wanted to cry but I hold it in and looked at my mom and doctor had said I didn't want any more surgery but if I would not need a cast or rehab for this one we are good..Appointments to see so many different kind of doctors each week i missed days of school.    On October 19. 2009 I spent 9 hours in the OR came out strong 

I am a survivor after all my doctor said he hope I never have through this again..

He have me dreaming to use a walker and everything. I am beautiful in my own way now I can show of my body.


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