I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Yes It's time for Justice!

Where was I born? 

Answer: Brookdale...

What's the nearest hospital? Answer: That place. Don't send me their ever again. Too many people got damage with Cerebral Palsy because of doctors and nurses lack caring for us... I feel for our young babies ... Lack us of oxygen like myself..It hurts to know people like myself was stop from living free of this condition. BrookDale what is the truth? Brookdale can close down for all I care . I want justice to my story. Brookdale you made me an inspiration Trina Fight For Our Rights!!



The What's really Possible Day?

The light has shine on me once again..The truth I believe I heard even though its disappointing.. I  move on ..Is it the truth or what's possible.. I go with whats possible. Their is no chance of me walking perfectly.. Someone that's close to my heart." My doctors".. turn to me and said we can make one thing possible. Standing up straight?? Yes Yes my heart spoke.. I knew anything is possible once I ask my doctors at Hospital For Special Surgery! Now it's my time to Let it Shine 

One World With Disability and normal

 Crazy World..Crazy People.. Crazy moments in life

 Crazy minds and thoughts..

Crazy World but who is moving forward with my life...Me..

Dreams and a bright future...Minor in law and a major in web designing or even a writer...

My heart felted dream is to be a strong advocate for my self and young people with special needs or be a Harvard Student 

Having Cerebral Palsy is not the end

I understand I have Cerebral Palsy and can't walk... The who? How? and when? is still a question mark.."To me I'm grateful to be here". With so many hopes, dreams, impossible goals and missions to live with...Just because I have Cerebral Palsy and can't walk that doesn't change me... I don't believe is the end of the world because I know impossibles are unless and I couldn't just move on with my life without asking questions and it will never be an end to my questions because I know some where in my heart I will use a walker..Cerebral Palsy is not the end of anything because I'm still living a normal life.. Its never the end! If you can walk in water I can too I do it out of the water

Disable Fight Never Ends

Why when you have a disability people look down to us and not up...they have no exceptions to see us be successful.......they believe is the end of our life once we have a condition like CP..Allow us to try to do over the description of Cerebral Palsy type we have..Allow us to strive over our limit.. We can inspire you if you all knew..We have so much views on life..Being a law keeps coming across my heart..I took that future and turn it into making a foundation..People didn't like the way I was expressing my life story but its all about to them to realize the facts, that's why in this world today disability fight never ends..

My feeling from God...!

God is our " Eyes" when we can't see

                 " Mouth" when we have no voice

                  " Hands" when we have no way to feel

                    " Legs" when we can not walk

God is our leader who may give us the arrow to shoot to where we need to where need to be life.

He gives us our visions to our dreams of the future.

He gives us life

God is our medicine 


Hope you don't mind me sharing my thoughts of god on Trina Fight For Our Rights because he is the one that mind this happen and be so powerful.




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