I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Yes we can do everything we wish

Changes will always come when my supporters keep me from emotional pain and surgery pain I love you all you make me change my mind about life everyday...Who can act as a mom, dad and aunt in my life have a positive energy is who Is stay attached too...


Who brings a light into my life

From the time I might you I smiled I knew I loved you...You always hard on me because you see better things in me...You treat me like everyone else which I don't always feel because many people I think may have something bad to say about me or just will not speak to me.. We talk about everything that may be on my mind...Most of the things you know about me no one else knows...Keeps me on track with school.. I have no idea if i would be doing so well in school now if i did not have someone like you to put confidence in me..and make me work on hard..Make me independent.. You are the only one that understand me when  I am going though stuff and just need to talk..Makes me think about life 


My school mom\my real mom..I love u!!


They can make a wish come true

Every year for Christmas I am asked by Starlight Children Foundation and Grand Chalet What 3 things I will like for Christmas..And I always receive more than what I ask for....My parents never I have no clue what to get me because starlight and Grand Chalet always take care of me...On the day the party comes I am all excited to go and be greeted so many times from people that does a lot for us children who live with emotional problems, pain and many more physical, mental problems..The love that you guys share with us...WE Don't always Get so thanks for being their for us!!!!!! 


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