I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Changes has come about there is still a lot to work on-

Back then and now
I am proud to say that the movie theater is becoming more accessible for all they also want to have more accessible seating for wheelchairs and they are even trying to make it more accessible for hearing impaired individuals. Back then people in with disabilities especially in wheelchairs had what they called no tickets to the movies..several Americas with disabilities told their stories to the U.S. Congress to surpport the Ada one day in 1988 Lisa who had Cerebral Palsy wanted to see a movie at the theater in Washington but as she approached the ticket window the owner refuse to take her money because he was put off by her being in a wheelchair and by her condition including her having speech problems as she said in the book of disability rights movement she wanted to be just like everyone else..
I am glad we made changes but there is still a lot of issues that exist like this.! 

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