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Painting a Picture within the image within the disability population 

When I thought of this blog idea called Painting The Picture, it was simply an aspiration I got from since I started a new volunteer position at United Cerebral Palsy of NYC day program. I realized that many of the indivduals or staff the first thing they ask me was are you new or what program do you attend? I understand that is a perception that society has left on indivduals with disabilities when they become an adult and age out of the DOE school system but you would think for a person like myself who believe in people first language. Instead a person type question in my mind would be so what do you do with your everyday life?   Since I have been there I have been connecting with many staff and they have been impressed by my motivation and ideas I have. I enjoy helping the indivduals.. I am amazed by how much they know sometimes. Its my goal and vision for these indivduals when I not on clerical work duty is to see these indivduals in "action" by putting their abilities to use. Each day I work them I come up with new ideas and projects I will love to do with them. So far I will like to start a reading group an educational group to help them with basic education skills that maybe challenging for them to understand then I will send them home with homework yes that's what happens when I am feeling the pre educator life, I will also love to create a game day or group for them to interact with each other or even just by me assisting them I know they will enjoy doing things out of their basic set schedule for many indivduals. and I will love to also develop a jewelry making group to show indivduals how to make bracelets and use their fine motors skills that is challenging for me as well but its helps me and I am sure others will benefit. I am going back to school soon but its truly where my heart stands and I want to work towards my vision .and I be there to make it happen although time is precious I enjoy what I do.

A Quote that I created since  see me through my abilities not what society has painted for the word disability  


Painting The Picture BY Ketrina Hazell

Months later after writing this blog called Painting The Picture I created this poem for my Talent show case for Ms Amazing NY.


Painting the Picture: BY Ketrina Hazell 

Paint an imagine that we are "seen as a person " 

Most pictures are created from a distance because  of a stigma already develop for the word "disability"   

Create the frame that we are "able.  

Paint the imagine that we are "normal" just like you. What is normal? I wonder.  

Paint an picture "I  can " 

Don't tell me what I do.. Ask me. Don't assume!  

Sit down with a clear paint board and brush an get to know me.  

The picture you paint will then change your perception. 

Each Painting tells a story. 

Paint within the wheels that finds abilities, gifts and talents.  

Don't let the paintings shape you let it unshape you. 

Let those paintings set you free, unlock potentials so we can step up the comfort zone. 

Let those paintings allow you to explore and venture  out so you can paint the image that you paint in your eyes: "Beyond those labels" 

Let those paintings be an image of dreamers and a fulfilling life  

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