I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

No one life is ever perfect

No one life is perfect.

No one life is easy.

No one life is ever filled with no challenges especially a life with special needs.No life is beautiful with out a journey of beating the odds I say!  Caring for someone with special needs can be a test..a journey and all of the above for life not just a moment. In the beginning of a new journey in caring for a child with so many developmental disabilities can feel overwhelmed. I see and know from my own life experience and from my moms view. My mom stopped her life because of me I became her job for life. I never ask my mom how's life and how does she feel? To this special needs mom.

Mom we are a gift in life. Everything will be okay. We all struggle even my family. A child with special needs cost a lot. It takes a while to really accepted how things happen. Many thoughts may come across your mind but I want to tell you never give up. Someone is always by your side. Your son may have many different kinds of special needs but he is really thankful for you.. He may not have a voice but his smile and expressions explains a lot. 

I am so excited to meet this family! 



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