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They should be no age limit to any services for us!

A few weeks ago I found out I have aged out from a foundation called Starlight Children Foundation an foundation that provides to many sick,mental and physical challenged children and their families. I was sad to know that I will no longer see or get to meet any new starlight friends and families. It is not only about seeing and meeting new people its all about the fun and exciting events I have been taken away from.It is already not much for children,teenagers and young\adults with special needs and their families to do because of course we have to think about expensive and accessibility when it comes to caring for a person with special needs. The only things I have left to do has recreational activities is go to UCP Saturday program which I have a few more years left to age out but that's already getting boring for me and Summer camp in which I age out when I am 21..then they will be nothing us fun for me to do but not that it really matters to me because I can still always hang out with friends and family go out for dinner and all that fun stuff because the make things possible for me but my heart is thinking about others who are not has capable has I am..No fun! NO Life! Why is there age limits to any of our services! That should not be.   

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