I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Never give up I believe in myself. Possibilities are unless

When I was born I was born normal as they told me. Later on doctors and therapist told me I would never been able too see, hear, talk or do anything for myself as a normal child. But I am still breaking barriers today. I always believe in myself and that possibilities are unless. Without my amazing team starting with my family, doctors and therapist I have come a long way with these services and a few weeks ago I graduated from occupational therapy because within the past two years my therapist and I have seen great progress now I noticed that I am not accomplishing much in Physical therapy I willing to move to a place that will benefit me so I ask my doctor to write me an referral they  try to force in me  that I no longer need Physical therapy because my dis- (ability) is stable and it will not get worst or better, which can give any who looks at life in a different view that I am good the way I am and  I no longer need to work hard like if its the end of the world. Within myself I see within that I can accomplish more than what I have in physical therapy and that's to get my legs moving and walking at least with an adaptive walker. The sky is the limit I will never give up.

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