I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Nothing Stops me! I am apart of the national honor society in college

 I just receive notification in the mail from my college that I have been nominated to national society of leadership and success Signa alpha because of my academic achievement GPA of An 3.0 and my name is also on the deans list! I am so excited and proud of myself I was kind of shock because I know I did well but never expected they will nominate me..I just wish I can jump out my wheelchair because I am so full of joy and happiness these days..it such a blessing..my mom was the first to open the letter she look at it a few times and said Ketrina you being honored from the honor society at your school..really mom? i am being nominated all over..I keep making my parents proud and I love to see them smile♥
I was feeling so discouraged on if I should take part in this program in my college. I felt has though they students will look at me different. Oh yeah I keep forgetting my college is place of acceptance everyone is treated equal and fear. Unlike in high school I was an honor student for all for years and was often forgotten. I will always have that in my heart and mind but today I am going to say I will not stay in my shell because of the way society view and treats us and because of the education system that continues to fail students with disabilities that's why today I am happy to see students with disabilities get a seat at the table and our our voices will be heard! Today I finally decide to pay registration fee to the national honor society leadership program.. I did all the hard work with no stress in my system or mind. All with a positive attitude! I earn it why not give it a try!
I am a true trooper!   I can do anything! I believe in myself and so do my team

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