I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

C.P is not Cerebral Palsy its "Crazy Problems"

I have been damaged.

I will never be cured- Physical

I have been hurt.

My doctors give two scars down my hip and down and up my spine.

I have been in pain because of them and conditions due to my crazy challenges.

My nervous go wild when I am overwhelmed.

When I am over heated..

Here comes muscle spasms

Watch Out for nose bleeds

My brain of knowledge was saved.

I can educate. I Advocate. I am an inspiration. I am honored.. We can all inspire 

My world of Crazy Problems( C.P)


Difference between " Small and "Big "World

The small world is the one made to set our disable people in one place for the rest of our life... The small world tells us how our future will be after we turn an age like around age 21...It tells us where and how we going to live..how our daily life will run everyday for the rest of our life. They will make all decisions only between them and we will just have to live. This is a shame for anyone in this world who is just like me. I feel no matter how much we try to express our opinion its never taken seriously and to heart because in the mind of others " All disable float the same boat".

 I don't want to live my adult life in the small world because all my future dreams will be crush and it will be a waste of having a successful high school life.. The big world for some reason I believe is open to our minds but our physical needs becomes an issue and still don't take our decisions to our future seriously because the way I look at it we are just other number!!!!!!!!! 

My future life because disable graduating with honors is standing on edges!!! I want to go to college but I may not be ready!


Be Inspired And Not Sorry!

We are disable just so we are outnumbered

We are invisible like we don't exist..

We are in vision physically..

We are blind when it comes to our disable minds.

We are taken advantage of to see how much we can take.

Too see how we can handle situations

When we step up they feel like we have disrespected them.

We are abused to see how we can defend our selves

We are young and have endure a lot.

At the end of everything we are successful.. WE are Saved! WE are fighters! WE are troopers! 

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