I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

I have a heart that can not fall again I demand

When I began my senior year my eyes was open to a team or more people that was going to be involved in my life as I go into the adult world.. I believe that was a vision from a dream I had because that is not true. January came I saw not even one step I started e-mailing everyone stating its only four more months left.. I give you an idea of my future do you guys have any thought? I did not hear from any colleges yet so I do not know.. Help me! I could not get a job that I know.. than I saw you should apply to a day program..I ask everyday Why you think I should go there I have a future with dreams to live up too and a day program don't open doors success it closes the door and says welcome to my everyday life..everybody we just say you are amazing... I am off on spring break. So I got up one morning early and told my mom I am ready I got things to do.. Called access ( Vesid) they finally answered and said we have an appointment for you my heart started jumping then I call the college admissions they said you should get a letter in April I started screaming..no more day program I won that fight until the end.

High school challenge

WE Don't get no good service in school. We sit in a classroom with no windows...no vends..Its a closet.

I get serve nose bleeds and spasms in a room like that. I turn colors, my hands get struck and many more

Dangerous environment...doctor wrote a letter and said i must not be in  a room like that.. Do any care? Did anyone look into it..

We get no respect with special needs. 

Rough days..

When I think about school I say I have accomplish so much in these 4 years in high school.. Sometimes I feel discourage.. Knowing that I push my self to make it this far.. no one really help me with my classwork.. homework.. maybe a few projects...my teachers are the only ones I have to say pushed me and stayed hard on me and talked to me when I was not on the right track..I have to be grateful that I have people in my life that will do such things..My parents are very proud of me that I will graduate in honors..!

My Choice

High school was a place I honestly was making a choice not to attend but my teachers always believe in me and I believe in myself. 

Now I am in my 3rd year making it that best and it was easy. I am a honor student with physical limitations.. I can see I am proud of my self. Just like I was saying no college I made up my mind to say no matter what my situation is they have to find a way to accommodate me.  

New Chapter Of my education

A new chapter of my life is about to start. I don't know things world turn out but I am hoping for the best turn out because it will be my senior year and I want to be well set for college...I know it will be a lot of work for mostly me but also my parents and my support team. I have to remember to separate my everyday life from my education, So I will continue success in a positive attitude like I  promise too and I realize I can make it and it feels good in my body and soul.

Will Keep posted on my senior year journey 

New Chapter Of my education 2

It is just the begining of a new journey and boat I have to ride on until I finally make it out..and settle down. I want to go to college for at least 2 years and if I love it I will continue.. I want to show the people that's so surprise that I making it this far with my disability and not many of you believe I will make it with all I go through sometimes( Pain and tears) I would even think of having a future. Many people are fooled by me being in a wheelchair and is quiet. I have a mind of answers and thoughts but if you don't ask me you will never know. I plan to dream and live what I dream  and live what I dream.. Plan out my future with this new journey.

My First Visit On a College Campus 

On the day I visit a college campus for the first time. I have learn so much... Just being on a tour I face many challenges.. So amazed college itself.. not all buildings doors was  automatic... The campus was huge. I knew no matter how independent I get every time I turn I will need someone with me. My physically needs is the reason why... which is the one part of my CP life  that sucks... You have to fight for everything we need I really thought fighting for services to get a good education will be over but I guess not it's getting worst. People always ask me why do I have such a passion for my advocate dream and all what  I experience everyday is the reason why  

Finding my way into college life 12-5-2012

A few weeks ago I was just so frustrated with college stuff at the end of submitting my college application I felt excited and free because I did it all on my own no one helped me. Now a few days ago I was and kinda still is overwhelmed with my dreams getting pushed away and denied all the time. People can say what can't happen.. but it's not what I believe. I will not accept my wheelchair as being apart of me for the rest of my life until the point is meet and I face with the problem.  In my mind is only me on many of my journey's. During these moments I'm never me.

Yes Trina Fight For Our Rights is class of 2013

Now I officially know I am going to graduate in June. I am happy and proud I made it this far..But I believe deep down in my heart college stuff for me should have been in writing and being processed. Its only me and my networks doing this journey..There is a feelings within me that I can't explain..It's hard on me.. Whats the next step? I want to thank all the people  who is side and side with me in my high school years.

The days and months counting down-

The days and months is counting down... An event that I'm proud of..So proud to see a person with physical limitations make it this far. I honestly say "on my own" If it was not for the people in my life that stayed on me encouraging me to work hard I probably would have all 65's on my transcripts..not 80s and 90s ...being such an honor student for 4 years.. now its official I am at the end..more stressful challenges..more things to do.. more on my shoulder.... College I spoke about wanting to attend but my point of view..Being hopefully is all I can say.. So I can have a successful path in the fall..

No answers for me on my own future after high school I hope I can leave a proud one not like all disable thrown in one "hole"

Keeping Updates on this process..!

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