I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

What's My Mission?

We all have challenges, goals, fears and emotional pain young people like myself with special needs is trying to overcome. " Let our voices be heard not seen with special needs."- TRINA<3  

 Quotes List

 1. "My limits are my inspirations."

2. 'My days are not bad days its just a little more challenging than others"- Tyrese

3." My legs may not work that does not mean our heart is off too."


Trina Fight For Our Rights and assistant Melana Goals:

1. Receive a kind amount of donation for each campaign posted  

2.  Spread the word of this foundation more so we will be a to create our own team.

3.  Have a Cerebral Palsy or Special needs walk in NYC

4. Be a secret Santa for children who is sick in hospitals.

5. Promote flyers

As the time go by more goals will be added as they take time to accomplish

Thank you for supporting

Trina Fight For Our Rights 

A dedicated Poem Of My mission

9 months is here!...Still only me running this mission.. I'm the boss and everything for what I do? It's only me running this awareness and holding down this fight.. Trina CP Fight is me..I'm the Boss...CEO of what I do ( Advocate Fights). One journey but on a stressful level...I am happy because I have found my pride of joy since the opening of Trinafightforrights.com on Oct. 28. 2011 a major light was brought into my heart to say who is young that fights for there cause and tells there story like me. I'm the one " President". Sometimes I say I am the only one enjoying the fight I choose for Cerebral Palsy 

A year since Trina Fight For Our Rights Entered My world

Trina Fight for our rights entered this world a year ago with many thoughts going through my mind. I already had my plans set... it really amaze me on how my heart touch this dream.. I said I don't voice out my fight but physical I write it out writing letters to the mayor, board of education, the councilman and the president about issues that I believe is not right and I get responds.. The goals I have plan I am working on them step by step because I have a major responsibility and that is to graduate from high school and enter the real world\ adult life.. that is a challenge for me so now I taking the time to work things out.  I am brave enough to share my story with the world.. Hope you enjoying my website as it continue to grow.. Thank you.

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