I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

This was such an amazing and great night

Meeting all of these state elected officials was truly an pleasure and honor too meet all of you. I was given the opportunity to spread the word of Trina Fight For Our Rights and the life I live in the advocacy world. I was also opened up to many opportunities in the community world. I am becoming a spokesperson for many events to be able to share my experience in life, speak up for yourself and also speak on the behalf of people with special needs.

I even wrote a little note to each an every one of them saying an heart felt thank you and give out my donation letters

 Here is a little note I give to all who I meet

 A few years ago I became an advocate for individuals with special needs after I realized I could have a deep impact on how society and our community views and treats people with disabilities.

In my own life, it took me a while to accept my disability because of the downfalls and struggles I faced. Often times I felt alone and hopeless. Ultimately, I found there was a need to educate others on how someone with a disability lives and what I am ABLE to do.


I am now serving on the youth advisory panel to influence policies and laws within special education and I am a freshman at Kingsborough Community College. I have recently been selected to be a spokesperson during Kingsborough Community College’s disability awareness month in April. I hope you can join me in showing your support of raising disability awareness on college campuses and beyond. II would love to send you the details on the date and time and invite you to join us on campus for our week of events.


It is truly an honor to meet so many wonderful people tonight. I hope you will remember me so that we can stay connected and make a difference in our communities.

Thanks Marta for helping me with this!

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