I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

I AM A Miracle 

It's a miracle. I am miracle. Each day I think about how did such thing happen to me. There is no actually answer but there is a story. It's a miracle that I am alive. Doctors expected me to ever walk, talk,see or even hear. Today and forever I call my life a miracle one. I can not walk on my own but I can make steps with support until those steps become a mile. I can talk. I can make discussions. I can tell you what I want and need..I want you all to respect that about me and anyone that you see with special needs. Its that simple to ask us a question..Don't be afraid of us. We are a gift to the world. I can see and hear very good. I am a miracle. A few things and skills  were not really taken away from me but I have limited ability and skills. Doctors has given me too much or less oxygen to my brain. My motor skills were stopped. Oh my lord its more than a miracle, Look how far I made it in life its a blessings and a miracle from the men above and my love ones.

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