I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

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A day left without a "Para" in school

 I didn't have a para with me and I would have been going around the school on my own all day and I will not have got the services my IEP states for my use of a para...my principal stated she thinks I should be independent and get around the school on my own and go on the evaluator on my own..I am happy that she trusts me and believe in me that I can do just fine independently but  what if something had happen to me?? I am a student with a physical challenge that suffer from high body temperature problems that may cause nose bleeds and muscle spasms..What would happen then. I am annoyed and reporting this to the broad of ed, writing letters and sending emails out..the law says any students who uses a deceive requires a para. I got to view a big picture of my college days\life but for my safety and physical issues I have requested a nurse or home attend go to college with me.. I am only mad because even thought I can make it on my own and look back at the law of public schools and say if this situation happen to me and I don't stop it now they will continue to do it to anyone else that comes into the school and they will come across the wrong student and parent who will take higher actions than me....my Ceo founder is very disappointed. Do you agree or disagree with me?

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