I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

"Disability advocate joins the volunteer team"-my UCP family says

The agency that has become my second home and family since 2009 has been providing me with many opportunities within my life. It has been able to help me continue with many of my journey's and help me to full fill all the big dreams I have an allow them not to go to waste. In today's world for people who have special needs it is very hard for us to find employment. Many of us get denied and discriminated against when applying for a job but in a place with amazing workers at United Cerebral Palsy they make the smallest thing possible. I told them I am may not be able to handle a full time job but I hate to be home doing nothing besides the fact I am a college student and attend them through out the week I still want to find time to give back and help others just like me.. Now I have got a volunteer position at United Cerebral Palsy once or twice a week since I will be heading back to school in a few more weeks..Many people have asked are you getting paid while my responds is I don't care I don't get paid has long has I complete my duties to the best of my ability that's all that matters. I love them   

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