I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

It comes to be a process with My Independence Journey 

What it is like to be use to having an aid or support staff by my side most of the time over the years. Now your slowly learning to become an independent person with a disability although I have limited abilities. Besides that things can get discouraging because of the challenges you face daily but it opened me up to a whole new part of my mind.

Here is the things I am often concern about:

When I am going places that don't have accessible doors so you might have to ask a stronger to open the door. I always wondering about what people will react.

To ask someone to get my lunchbox with my drinks and snacks because I can't reach behind my wheelchair.

.. I will add more to the list as time go by but why do people who see my in the community and pity me.

Please don't stare at me.

Please don't think I don't I need someone by my side all time.

Please  don't give me that pity smile

Please don't give me a pity say of hey  sweetie  or oh your so cute.

Please don't look at me as through I am in pain when I am doing stuff for myself.

Please don't pity me because my hands don't work well sometimes.

Please don't pity me because my legs are not as straight when I walk with assistance and my knees are bend often try to give out on me.

Please don't pity me because I am in a wheelchair. My disability doesn't make me limitless it enable me to do more so please don't pity me.

My journey of independence continues..Looking forward to sharing more..  

I can be independent..

A weeks  ago I took the opportunity to show my mom dad siblings and loves who is supporting me on learning how to be independent in my own I have accepted to serve on a new committee at my agency so I got a phone call yesterday telling me that I have to attend a meeting today and since I missed the first one last week it wouldn't be responsible of Me to call out on this one and my aid is out on vacation so today I am taking access a ride all on my own and attending the meeting with no support I can do it everyone..Independence is my goal confidence is my biggest problem..I will get there..

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