I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Imagine a life I Live

Imagine a life with a condition that affect my left part of my brain. My legs and left hand. Within those problems they still work with a little dysfunction. I imagine one day walking with a walker soon.If everything was functioning right I would truly live a life like a normal teenager. I was it was not so hard to look behind this big picture. Now I am looking in front of it.. Deep pain.. Imagine living or needing support  from someone mostly 24\7...Where is the life when I get older. I want to have a family!!!. Imagine  life that we have to fight we including me needs.Imagine surgery pain just to make us better. Just imagine the depression I feel sometimes.

Do you think pain is fun

Rebuild me free of pain. Break my bones already so you can see what all you can do for me I told my doctor never again I want to see a knife use to mark my body and leave a scar... In my heart I want to make a dream scar that will express I can walk. A trail is not worth a failure it shows effort.  Sometimes I wonder why all my goals have to leave marks of surgery but why do I wonder they make me successful where in the city @ HSS that's why my heart touch!!

Make Friends

When you meet someone... You know they have a condition  but you are not always sure what it is but you build a friendship with them and then you find out their story its  amazing to realize what it maybe but be happy living with whatever battle you have... Strongly believe you are not the only one living with the same condition.!!!

Traveling is challenge over many

On July 17, I went to Kings Plaza with my sister and when we was returning home on the  B14 Bus#204 we had to pick up a costumer in a wheelchair accompany by her home attended and in the middle of putting them up on the bus the lift just stop working and the flip to close it in just open on it's own.. that was the shock.. What if no one was paying no attention.. the bus driver couldn't get the lift to work again. So the journey begin the fire Dept had to be called and a MTA supervisor. I and the other passenger had to wait about 45 mins until the MTA supervisor showed up and got the lift to work and on the other hand the Fire Dept never showed up.. So what does that show me..us getting stuck on the bus or lift is not an emergency.. What will they do in case of fire..hmm...Got me wondering where is our rights?? ! 

The wonder. The Answer. No Justice

Have you ever how I live everyday life. No you just answer and say life is good no need to complain and you only have one life to live. .Have you took the time out to ask me how do I feel living with this condition or whatever you may wonder about..Well I must say for life I guess I will live with wrong and correct answers.. I can just be sitting around texting or on the computer and a lot goes though my mind.. Well I am ' Hope" and I educate if you ask me a question.. but I do wonder why? things are the way they are.. I can't get out of bed on my own or nothing most things are limited for me. I think about my life in a few years and " wow" I say I want to have a family and hope that someone will accept me for " Who I AM".. I wonder " I dream"

I decided to write this for me and my brother Tyresse  




We tell before we are judging

Some people think we have been hurt.. By gun shot.
Car accidents may have damage our spine.
Or we may have a disease not knowing what the situation really is? Ask the question instead of judging by the look of eyes

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