I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

The feelings of my future..

Someone said to me I never seen someone like you in college..you can't move around easy and you can't use the bathroom on your own. People need to start changing their thinking when it comes to disable.. Here is my thought of this..

Even if you never seen someone in college with physical challenge just like me with an issue that needs an nurse or home attend requirement..why do people think the same about disable...stop the discrimination allow us to strive over our limitation..says trina fight for our rights...
So shock!♥...my future is college bound...hoping and praying... everyday..


Lost Connection..Lost answers..Its only me

My future plans should have been set up the moment I was born or even when I started public school at age 5. The idea of my future is unpredictable because I never get no straight answers and see quick actions..Everything that have to do with my last year of high school and my future plans moving forward. I did my own college application. I am the only one taking care of each next steps..Its frustrating.. I wonder if anyone noticed it's not many disable people that can handle the normal life it's around 5 out of 100 in each state that;s why others force us to take the easy road because they like to see the statics for people with special needs high but I am not the one. 

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