I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Situations like this open my eyes and heart

I did something special that hit a part of my heart that I have a passion for which is advocating for the ones who does not have the greatest ability to have a voice for themselves even though I believe we all have a voice..this student at my school as a serve case of CP and faces some challenges speaking and doing things on his own but comes to college on his own..today we met and his says Access A ride left me and he called his mom so she can make another pick up she called him two times but he couldn't answer because his phone had got water in it and will not work..we try to call his mom but he couldn't remember the number so I told him to go ask Accessibility program for help and they told him they were busy..they should never been to busy to help someone in need so I decide to call Access A ride for him and they told me he had a pick up for 2pm so has me and my aid was getting on Access A ride and we saw the school guard an explain the situation she told us she would look out for his ride and as we was leaving the school I saw his ride coming I was so happy I hope he got home safe.. God will bless me

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