I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

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Took me a while to find how C.P came Out

I have been doing a deep research to find out where and how Cerebral Palsy came about. I finally was able to find answers. The history of Cerebral Palsy was found by two doctors Sir William and Sigmund Freud. Sir William  was represented to be the most notable contributors in the history of medicine and was one of the first researchers of Cerebral Palsy and was the first to use the word Cerebral Palsy as the doctor would not use it as a word they would say " Term" . He began his study of Cerebral Palsy Dr William name his work " Little disease" which is refereed to only one from of C.P as define the same way today an Dr William final decision was that proper treatment can greatly increase quality of life. He was consider to be the father of modern medicine. Dr Freud ( 1865-1939) was the first to say that Cerebral Palsy might be caused by abnormal development before birth. Dr William disbelieved with William theories he believe that cerebral palsy was development before birth and difficult labor.  This disagreement and debate over what cause C.P in courtroom and research in the medical community today. This is the reason why most of like myself have do justice because they take the blame of the doctor and save them.

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