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Happy Birthday to my baby Blog Trina Fight For Our Rights

On October 30. 2011 I had a clear vision. I sit down and started thinking how must I bring a light to the dark side of my story and be able to share my story world. Then my heart came out with I must create a website to share my story and make a difference for the differently-abled community, while sharing the vision with my dad he told he will support me in this journey no matter what. Trina Fight For Our Rights has been through some ups and downs as well as wonders on weather it will be a life long mission it turned out to be my passion my heart and soul.  This year my baby blog turns 4 years old and I must say I am inspired by my own work and all I have accomplished being in the field of advocacy, disability awareness disability rights and public speaking . I have been doing so much things I never expected. I am starting to earn more and more advocacy positions. I have yet to denied any positions because I field homered and it reminds me each time that I am doing something right and good.  I call myself a champ or often  a superwomen because I always manage to complete all my agendas work. Today I share with all of you that I have set a goal to start my own Self advocacy association chapter in my Borough. Details will be posted soon. I also will be sharing more blogs with my goal to become independent. Trina Fight For Our Rights you have brought me into a whole new world since that day. Happy Birthday to my baby blog

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