I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

The life of a future author 

 years I  am a person full of strength, thoughts and inspiration when I was a little girl writing was always my hobby. I enjoyed writing poems with letters of my name and later made inspirational thoughts out of days that was a little bit more challenging than others besides always having a beautiful special on my face that is just natural to me but it was not always the cases but writing was the only way I got express my thoughts because I never spoke much and was very shy but writing being my passion is what bought me where I am today, After I begin to go through more as a teenager I decided to share my story with the world and my views was so clear an was all planned out when I created trina fight for our rights I slowly begin to find my voice, then I join UCP for family support services an they accepted me like family an been like a mentor to my dreams and life. i have accomplish so much since then I decide to use my strength,knowledge, motivation and inspiration to write a book and finally after all these years I am finally drafting it up and can't wait until its published. My friend who wrote his first book called" Unexpected Words" he has Cerebral Palsy an his story is just about the male vision of my story he has also given me the inspiration  to write book and keep on going. Positive thoughts!

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