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Direct support professional month

As September is almost coming to an end this month is the month we recognized direct support professionals. Why is it only we should acknowledge them everyday of our lives. A few months ago I attended a press conference#befair2directcare  because without them I would not be able to attend college and increase my independence. I am proud to say since I started receiving a community habitation services I have learned a lot and increased my confidence in becoming independent I have learned to travel on Access A Ride Para transit locally on my own which has made a use difference in many roles of my life I attend committee meetings, they  have helped me start my own advocacy group and given me the opportunity to volunteer in my community etc. This also allowed me to show my parents that I can do things on my own and don't always depend on them for everything. I had so much fear at the beginning of this journey but it was worth it at the end of the day. DSP workers does miracle<3 They are apart of our family circle I say often. They mentor us. They support us in whatever way they can. They make our dreams come true. Wow. Many of my family members and friends work in this field and I am truly honored to have them apart of my life. This job requires for the passion from the heart. I was asked recently by my dad do you think Direct support professionals love their job or they do it for the money this was deep but all I can say is I hope they love it.

<3 <3 DSP matters  

I will continue to work on this 

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