I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

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Why? Can I not get a job?

A few months ago I applied for Supported Employment ( SEP) at United Cerebral Palsy because I wanted to be responsible for myself and take care of my needs that cost without asking my parents and I must included I am a high school senior who finish school early everyday and choose not to come  home and  do nothing. My heart to desire for me to be around other young teenagers with special needs or to even help out in offices doing computer work and designing. As the days and months begin to pass me I e-mailed my family service case worker of the SEP status and there is where I got my surprising answer you are not able to do SEP because you are unable to transfer and you have a  bathroom issue...Felt disappointed and went on to ask about volunteering two questions was who will be with you and how will you get to the site we have no one to be with you. I pause...thinking many days...I can't work or be productive in the work field.. In my mind I felt that was discrimination.. I moved on and ask for and advice the responded yes " Trina that's discriminating."... I plan to write many letters and posted in the newspaper.. With all the laws disable have discrimination still exist in this world. Strong thoughts

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