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Disability History Timeline--I will add my ideas to it

                        History Timeline-

1636- Plymouth Colony passes law to provide surpport for any male with disabilities while providing military service for the colony

1694- A Massachusetts law is passed requiring each town to provide for citizens with mental illnesses

1817- The American Asylum for the deaf is founded in Hartford, Connecticut.

1841- Dorothea Dix begins her work to improve conditions for people with mental illness and intellectual disabilities, including establishing workers compensation.

1900s-1920s- The Progressive ERA and WWI bring new laws and program in support of people with disabilities,

1927- The Buck v. Bell supreme court decision rules that forced sterilization of people with disabilities is not a violation of their constitutional rights   

1935- President Franklin D. Rosevelt signs the Social Security Act on Auguest 14.

1938- The march of dimes campaign begins to aid polio surviors and fund polio reseach

1942- Paul Strachan founds the American Federation of the physically Handicapped, the first cross-disability national organization to battle job discriminatiion

1954- The Vocational Rehabilitation Amendments are passed,funding program for people with disabilities

1962- Edward Roberts enters that University of California, Berkely as the first student with  disabilities

1968- The Architectural Barriers Act prohibits architectural barriers in all federal buildings.

1970- the activist group disabled in action founded.

1973- The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is passed including Section 504.

1986- the National council on the Handicapped issues its first report toward independence,outlining the legal status of Americans with disabilities

1990- The American with disabilities  Act is signed into law by President George  H.W Bush on July 26.

2006- The United Nations adopts the Convention  on the rights of person with disabilities, an international treaty protecting the rights of people with disabilities.

2010-  Rosa’s law updates federal documents to use inclusive, people- first terminology.


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