I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Face the world who don't respect "disable"as a adult

I am an adult now..more responsibilities..more independence..more ask me and not you..can make more choices...sign my own name now...laugh out loud.. I will tell you the plans for my future but guess who will take control after all the state I have decide not to allow them treat me like 99% disable.. I dislike the system because they like to see us down and not stand out and high. I am afraid to be out in this world by my self because I only have my wheelchair to defend myself I will always have my friends be there for me. I am thankful to still have parents caring for me but I can not depend on them.

My First trip on Access A Ride all on my own  1\16\13

On January 15 2013 my family and I was told we have to prepare for a possible school bus strike on Wednesday January 16 ...I began to think of how I will get to school? and it was finals week..My mom called me while I was in after school and said Ketrina I am calling Access A Ride for you to go to school.. Do you want me to ride with you to school or can you ride on access A ride by yourself...I said No mom I can go to school by myself..On the day of the bus Strike Access A Ride came on time and took me straight to school and I had someone waiting to let me in the school...When it was time to go home it was good..The driver was nice.. I give them the money and signed the receipt.. All my belts was on and I had a safe ride home... I told the driver which side I live on and she assistant me to cross the street.. I am proud that I am learning to travel independently..In my mind I thought I would have been afraid to travel on my own.. I am very happy

Day 2- My 1st journey on MTA bus

This day was the best day of my life or should I say more shocking and amazing than ever.. On January 22.. I had my math regents to take..I finished it at a decent time and was just waiting around in school until the school bus arrive.. My parents called me and said the doctor needs to see you before the time I reach home from school.. Can you take the city bus home and my dad will meet me at the bus stop.. I was so in shock.. I hang up the phone and dial the number again.. I said what did you say again and got the same responds..It was a cold day.. I road my wheelchair about 3 blocks and catch the bus..I could not feel my hands..my battery was half charge for my wheelchair..The driver ask me what stop you getting off and I told him then do you need to be tide down.. Yes.. I tend to slide out my wheelchair a lot and that was happening on the bus as I tried to ring the bell.. I wanted to make sure he remembered I was getting off.. That was the challenging part of traveling but I did it with the voice that people thought I wouldn't use to get around..

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