I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Its never to Late

Its not to late for me to walk again.. I know I can.. I have a good feelings no one can can say I can't do something...All I need is my legs straight and I  will be good....Surgery or not if I do this process..I will see my doctor by my side using a walker...That's my dream We all have hopes n dreams to line for..

True about me

 God didn't make me this way....He made me prefect...But the doctor who cared for me during the 3 months I was in the hospital damage me gave me less oxygen to my brain nurses wasn't caring for me until my heart rate started doping doctors thought I will never be able to live s normal life..They knew I had Cerebral Palsy since i left to come home...They said I will not walk..Never believe that and never will because I will show you i can...I am thinking positive many people as true to hurt my dreams...To all who have special needs like me be strong forever 

I can do anything

This was one day that amaze me..It felt so good to sit on a bike that's made for people with special needs because most of us would not be able to ride on a normal bike..Without my braces or the help of any one I took off riding all on my own.... If you have something in my mind you wish to do but your mind to it and say watch me am going to do this I have weak body muscles but I am strong in the mind..





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