I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

My Letter TO CP

Dear CP,

I was not born with you but over months of medical neglect in the hospital is when I developed you

I was a healthy baby girl 

It took me years to finally ask my parents why I am in a wheelchair?

CP you have made me a blessing to my family my parents and my siblings

CP had me in tears over pain of surgeries..I am lucky to only have  2 major surgeries and one minor one..

Many of my friends had 12 and more..

CP you taught me to view life a different way as a person who has a disability and I also view life as a normal person because I like to be treated like everyone else  I am often call lady of  fashion  

CP has allow me when I was young made me afraid to talk to people at times or ask a simple question..The reactions of young people in my generation has no awareness and respect for us.

I recently came out my shell a few years ago after feeling down about my disability saying Why me..many nights in tears..no one could understand me and why?

I was in high school at this time and thought it was not a place for me I wanted to give up  

I doubt myself

But I graduated high school in college

CP as given me the voice to change the world

CP is a gift to me..

Inspire many and many others 

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