I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

A message from me in the heart of my dad

.When my little princess was born doctors said my daughter was an healthy baby girl...She was only premature thats all me and her mom  believed..WE begin to be more concerned about her developmental delay and her head leaning to the left after traveling to the West Indians on a family vacation. When we return I took my daughter to the hospital to find out what was wrong..There is when the shocking news was told.."Your daughter has a disability..You can leave her here or sue me if you want..The doctor responded..My partners responded she is god child we are keeping her. My parents are one in a million they work hard to care for me..As a father of a child who has a developmental disability..It hurts me to see that many dads walk out there child's life because they have a child with an developmental disability,..They can feel some type of shame..My dad has 3 amazing children and takes care of them..When I was born I was a birthday gift to him I was born on his birthday..that all he thought was his gift.. 9 months later the hospital admit that I had a disability and give both my parents an opinion to leave me or take me has I am...the told the doctor they believe in miracle and I am gods child..no matter what the life journey is like for me he never left my side..through my pain and suffering..he watch me succeed..achieve. grow and most of all he watch me through my down days.days of pain from surgery and happiness..you care for me until this day...but it just amaze me because a lot of fathers just walk out there child life because they of a disability..they are ashamed to have them around like we are not animals..we are a blessing and a pride of joy♥♥ 

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