I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

WE Need A Cure.. My condition is in my Brain!

 What C.P is?

  •  Some kids with C.P use a wheelchair or other walk with the help of braces or crutches.
  •  Some may talk but they speech may be affected or some may not talk at all.
  • Its not contagious.. Its not a disease you can catch its a condition that will inspire you and make you stronger.
  • C.P affects the brain and control how he or she body moves. "Cerebral" means having to do with the brain. Palsy is a weakness or problem in person position.
  • Depending on how much and which part of the brain is affected some kids might not be able to talk, walk, eat or play like normal kids.
  • Treatment
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech
  • Special surgeries to make corrections to their arms and legs.

 3 Types Of C.P

  •  Spastic is the most common type of C.P ( A person with this type can not relax their muscles or their muscles may be stiff.
  • Athetiod C.P affects a persons ability to control their muscles
  • A mild case-

    Types of doctors\treatment

  •  A pediatric orthopedist- who handles problems with bones or joints/
  • A developmental pediatrician- looks at how the kid is growing or developing compared with other kids the same age.
  • A pediatric physicist- who help treat children with disabilities of many kinds.
  • Neurologist- A doctor who deals with their nervous system. 

Living with Cerebral Palsy does not stop you from living a normal life. It just becomes challenging

  My accomplishments.

  • I had two major surgeries that was successful but my spine was major impacted by side affects.
  • Having therapy for 18 years of my life and the rest of my life has allowed me to come this far and dream of using a walker
  • Was a special education student now a regular education student
  • National Honor Society and honor roll student
  • Will graduate in honors from high school with a local or regents diploma
  • School has been a shocking success for me many days I was just going though so much I did not expect to make it this far.
  • Making friends was hard because mentally I felt they will not understand me. 

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