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October 2 2013-Cerebral Palsy World Day

World Cerebral Palsy day is all about ideas to change and new inventions to be made...The research has told me that they will be changing 17 million people with Cerebral Palsy lives at the end of the day..The number continue to go higher with the amount of people with Cerebral Palsy....Help keep the numbers under control...We need to find a cure! not only for the ones that's already damage with but the babies that are just born...Everyday is a new challenge for everyone not only with C.P....Our days with pain..doctors talk about medicine and surgery.. Doctors say pass age 9 we would never walk...They never talk about finding a cure..I find it odd but they find better ways to fix our bones!...WEAR YOUR GREEN! Support WORLD CEREBRAL Palsy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......We need a cure...

Pictures will be added later...

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