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My Trip To The Caribbean  

July 2017. I traveled with my family on vacation to St. Vincent. It has always been my dream to travel to the Caribbean on a mission to see how people with disabilities live in the island. It's rough getting around the Caribbean but I asked my grandfather do he want to see me and he said yes so this time I said no matter What I am going but I am going on a mission for 12 days. Despite the fun and seeing family I wanted to experience my mission to experience life  in Caribbean and expand my mission, so within the 12 days I got to visit to visit the Paget farm Police Youth Club to speak to the youth about life has a person who has a disability. How my disability impacts me? and what I do has a student an advocate. Many was in shock and afraid to ask questions because Yes they never seen anyone in a wheelchair before.So I help bring life to a new light for the youth.

 The roads is rough I often said watch out for the cracks in the road. I had to be pushed up hills and carried down stairs. They would lift me and my wheelchair down the stairs.

Transportation mood- I had to be left into an open back van with my wheelchair and m.

 Days later my next stop was to speak at the Sunshine School For Children with Special Needs. I met with the Head Teacher of The Sunshine School, parents, teachers and a few students. 

I again shared my story to educate and bring awareness of what I do as an advocate and the things I accomplish despite my disability. 

Their is where I learned a lot of things about the life style and experiences for a person with  a  disability.

Most people with disabilities are kept at home.

The government does not support people with disabilities 

They are no support services such has physical therapy, speech etc 

Often teachers are not train to work with people with disabilities.

The school is in need of so much support. I plan on being a supporter to them.  


Hope to get some videos together of my speech and letter. 

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