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Chelsy and Trina team advocates 

Today marks one month since my advocacy partner and good friend Chelsy Blake has been gone..I just miss everything about you..you always called me everyday and night telling me how we was going to make a difference in this world for people with special needs..and how unfair things was for us..we blog all night with inspiring statements..that many enjoyed so night I will share something that reminds me of you..Its our mission to make a difference and we will make it happen..this weekend the 18th I will be graduating as a well trained advocate and in the last week of this month I am heading to Albany on advocacy efforts..you are forever in my heart and I know you will be proud of every accomplishment I make in the days head..the one think I working on is getting an accessible van..this is a major impact on my journeys...but I am doing my best to make it happen...even though you are not here with me I am continuing our mission .RIP my girl I love you♥..

I am still working on our blog that we started so for now I am posting things on this page. Thanks 

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