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How Becoming A Student Ambassador doors open  

Becoming a student ambassador was something I was hesitate about like most things in my life. For over a semester I had the application in my folder and never found a moment to submit the application so on this day on campus my friend message me an gave me a hint of a reminder an ask me did I submit my student ambassador application yet and finally I submitted the application. Months later I was told through e-mail stating that I was selected for the student Ambassador Program an needed to come in for an interview.

 On the day I was interviewed it was also a special day I was doing a photo shoot for the Office Of People with Developmental Disabilities. I knew I wanted to be a student ambassador to show my other student peers that students with disabilities are able to do things just like them. and represent the college at events etc

We went through 6 weeks of training with a group of students. Their is where they work on my social challenge begin again. Being Different and the only one in a wheelchair..  At the beginning I am shy and then I get the odd steers.

I wondered would I fit in of course. Weeks in we begin to bound together.

AS part of being a student ambassador we are able to go on a weekend retreat for 4 days.. Thinking in my mind would I be able to go because of accommodations. So I ask the question would I be able to attend the retreat for the weekend and they said "Yes" I reminded them that I needed a wheelchair accessible bus, needed my parents to attend with me for care taking reasons and needed an accessible. Nothing was a problem.  I was so use to excuses that I was shock my college made it happen for me.I got there everything was set for me. They never left me out of anything. I ate dinner, lunch and breakfast with other members. The always said they want me to join with them.

At night the came over to the house I was staying in to play games and chat together and work on our group projects.

They offered to support  me. They considered me brave 

Now we are friends forever.. Rolling through the hallways all I here is Hi Ketrina and they stop to chat with me and ask me how I am doing. 

So different than high school. A place where I feel at home. and accepted . Never been on a trip in high school but college where you think it's a challenge the open doors to possibilities.

Thank to my college and members for making me feel like everyone else I had a great time.



May 2017  



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